Being a Publisher Isn't Easy

Majority of ads are already sold programmatically. Unfortunately for publishers, 10 times more has been invested in advertiser platforms. 

Publishers have been at a disadvantage for far too long, lacking the transparency and tools necessary to maximize their inventory. 

We have built dynamic, real-time competition for every ad impression right within the platform, providing publishers & app developers with higher eCPMs and immediate monetization.  We are also leading the drive to create a clean, transparent exchange for publishers, app developers and advertisers that is brand-safe, fraud-free, viewable – and effective.



  • Access to more demand - high competition between buyers
  • Greater yield from each impression 
  • Guaranteed eCPM
  • High fill rate
  • No waterfall passbacks
  • Header bidding to optimize eCPM on your current ad-server
  • Brand protection and safety


With our Platform publishers can independently manage their inventory using the most powerful and transparent programmatic platform on the market.


  • All channels (mobile, desktop, email, addressable TV, DOOH, IoT - Internet of Things)
  • All media types (banner, video, native, audio)
  • Viewability
  • Anti-ad-blocker technologies
  • Cross-device targeting through the full customer journey
  • All bidding modes including Private marketplaces: (Automated Guaranteed, Unreserved Fixed Rate, Invitation-Only Auction, Open Auction)


Platform core features:

  • Cross-channel, Cross-device, Cross-Screen for maximum flexibility and reach.
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  • Self-service UI: advanced UI to fully control all your daily operations. 
  • Open API: Our UI is built on top of our open API. Use automation tools to continuously optimize and fetch reports.
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  • Full transparency: Pull granular data for deep-dive performance analytics - opportunities, fill rate, view rate, bid rate, win rate, etc. All stats are available in our reports and can be used to optimize the buying process.
  • Real-time reporting and Dashboards: See trends and KPIs in a dashboard, use reporting to get all key data. 
  • Scheduled reports: Your KPI waiting for you in your morning email. Every day.
  • BigData Framework: Our Big Data Framework enables the real-time collection, processing, and transformation of source data. Processing petabytes of advertising event logs over a distributed cluster facilitates seamless analysis and the ability to quickly build audience segments. 
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  • Running in Cloud, media server Content distribution network - CDN



Easy Integration

Our dedicated integration team can ensure you’re up and running in just a couple of days.


It’s easy to set up your account. It only takes a few minutes to register your account, define ad spaces, and then you’re set to start making money!

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