As marketers increasingly make programmatic the center of their advertising strategy, if you’re not leveraging the power of programmatic, you risk being left behind. 

Advertising has the power to influence consumer emotion, shift consumer perception, and ultimately drive consumer action. To tap into these powers, the first step is amazing creative. The second is to pair your great creative with efficiency and science.

That’s what programmatic, done right, brings to your advertising. 

Use best marketing strategies and advanced data-driven technology to help you reach your campaign goals across full customer journey on any device, any channel at any time. We support the most advanced targeting and customer journey storytelling strategies.


Benefits for Advertiser

  • ACCOUNT BASED MARKETING: Audience based remarketing, Look-a-like modeling, Dynamic creative, CRM remarketing
  • MOMENT BASED MARKETING: Second screen solutions, Hyperlocal targeting (geo-fencing), Weather sync
  • CONTEXT BASED MARKETING: page content classification
  • Increased efficiency of media buying
  • Improved reach with smarter targeting
  • Show ads to a consumer based on triggers, like time of day, weather, or online behavior
  • Any inventory: On-site or third-party inventory from global ad exchanges. You can even keep your existing direct publisher relationships.
  • Our cross-device solutions will help you to keep a single customer journey across devices.
  • Transparency: Media-agnostic - we don't own media and we are not an agency
  • Single-pixel implementation: Stop retargeting to a pixel and start remarketing to real users
  • Advanced Antifraud & Viewability algorithms: Buy audiences, not bots. 
  • Brand safety: Ensure your brand equity with by only targeting on appropriate pages. 



Platform core features:

  • Cross-channel, Cross-device, Cross-Screen for maximum flexibility and reach.
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  • Self-service UI: advanced UI to fully control all your daily operations. 
  • Open API: Our UI is built on top of our open API. Use automation tools to continuously optimize and fetch reports.
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  • Full transparency: Pull granular data for deep-dive performance analytics - opportunities, fill rate, view rate, bid rate, win rate, etc. All stats are available in our reports and can be used to optimize the buying process.
  • Real-time reporting and Dashboards: See trends and KPIs in a dashboard, use reporting to get all key data. 
  • Scheduled reports: Your KPI waiting for you in your morning email. Every day.
  • BigData Framework: Our Big Data Framework enables the real-time collection, processing, and transformation of source data. Processing petabytes of advertising event logs over a distributed cluster facilitates seamless analysis and the ability to quickly build audience segments. 
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  • Running in Cloud, media server Content distribution network - CDN




If you’re an advertiser, agency, trading desk, or a mobile buyer, our solutions have you covered! Make our technology yours, fuel your own growth and take your programmatic offering to the next level. It’s easy to set up your account. It only takes a few minutes to register your account and implement one single audience capture pixel.

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