Have you ever checked the latest news on your mobile during a TV commercial?

We can now synchronize TV commercials with our online ad campaigns in real-time using ACR - automatic content recognition



  • SYNC: Enhance your landing page with your current live TV commercials content or change your website based on your live TV commercial airing. 
  • BOOST: Synchronise your online advertising campaigns with your TV advertising campaigns in real-time to amplify reach and maximize impact with second screeners. Use TV ACR to take advantage of your GRP’s in order to boost your online campaigns.
  • OUTSMART: Synchronise your online advertising campaigns with your competitor TV advertising campaigns in real-time to counter its effects and capture their audience. Offer your substitutive products or offers on audiences reached by your competitors.  
  • The synchronization is automated and doesn’t require any time-consuming comparison of media plans, allowing for last-minute adjustments in TV programming, e.g. for live broadcasts.
  • Your ad campaigns will be synchronized with the broadcast of your TV ads – guaranteed!
  • No additional scheduling information needs to be provided for real-time TV synchronization


Consumers are connected to multiple screens while watching TV. Smart marketers track TV commercials and live change their advertising strategies with ACR. Some of the new marketing tactics for smart marketers and media planners:


  • People switch their attention between screens in multi-screen situations
  • Multi-screen use is especially heavy during TV commercials
  • People most commonly read and send emails during multi-screen situations
  • Our analytics indicate higher mobile mail usage during TV commercials