Generate ad revenue from OTT channels. Monetize VOD content

Television is changing. We’ll help you change with it.

You deliver TV-like quality in OTT experiences with ads personalized to every viewer.

Our server-side technology encodes content and ads into a unified stream, guaranteeing TV-like quality while eliminating latency associated with fetching ads during breaks. Our singular stream avoids ad blockers, allowing you to reach more viewers and maximize monetization opportunities.

Unlike client-side ad insertion, our server-side ad insertion approach requires no development effort, works across all platforms and is more scalable than traditional methods. Ad integration, insertion, and analytics happen at the server (in the cloud) instead of the client (third-party ad server), providing a buffer-free, optimized viewer experience and reducing cost and complexity for both live and on-demand streaming. Plus, a server-side approach also means higher completion rates for advertisers.



  • Recover Ad-Blocking Losses: Immediately regain 10-30% revenue lost to ad blockers. SSAI cannot be blocked as client-side ads can
  • Smooth, TV-like User Experience: Get higher engagement without the spinner, errors, and freezes of client-side ads. It just plays through - like on regular TV
  • Multi-Screen Reach: Want to reach OTT connected devices with ad-supported VOD? Push your video to the fastest-growing segment of video viewing - and monetize easily. SSAI works on any device that can play video
  • Per-Session Targeting: Pass video metadata tags, device information, user ids, or application-specific parameters with each ad call to enable individualized ad targeting to get the highest CPM rates for your inventory
  • Live ad insertion for linear and video on demand (VOD): Deliver smooth, uninterrupted, buffer-free TV-like ad experiences on every device and platform for all your content, to every viewer around the world using our partners CDN
  • Dynamic/targeted ad insertion: Ensure optimized ad yields and impressions with our unique impression-based approach, which allows for one-to-one targeting of viewers with relevant, fully dynamic ads
  • Consistent ad tracking and reporting: Combat ad blockers by stitching together ads and content into one package at the content management system rather than separately at the browser level


  • Works with any VAST/VMAP compliant ad server - Use Independently or with ADXCG SSP platform - Make use of built-in integration or deploy on its own. As one of the ADXCG Media Services, you can choose to use SSAI as a standalone service or integrate it with the ADXCG platform to maximize monetization.
  • HLS - HTTP live stream compatible
  • Any insertion point: Support PreRoll, MidRoll, PostRoll ads
  • Multiple insertions point possibilities: SCTE-35, Preconfigured, Session parameter
  • Single instrumented manifest: Provides redirections for ad segments while improving system performance.
  • Widest variety of device support: Delivers uniform experience across all devices, powered by re-timestamping workflow for ad serving.
  • Hyperscale targeting: Supports of concurrent users in case of sports and live events.
  • Advanced analytics: Real-time analytics on viewership, ad performance, device, and geographic attributes.