Are you sending the same product offers to all your customers? How about sending each customer a personalized email with dynamic product recommendations based on their most recent activity on your site?

Include dynamic content within your targeted email campaigns. The dynamic email recommendations are presented  in real time, when the email is opened - not when the campaign is sent out. This unique approach allows the system to constantly optimize the recommendations during the campaign.



  • Increase conversion rates
  • Higher average order value
  • Improve merchandising efficiency
  • A/B testing
  • Higher engagement and loyalty
  • Personalized Emails recommendations: Personalize every email interaction with customized product recommendations based on the visitor’s  most recent activity on your website.
  • No Need for IT Support: Simply add our tag and you’re done. How come? we configure our system to capture data instead of asking your IT to send it to us. Once the system starts to collect data, there is a learning period in which data is analyzed (2-4 weeks depending on your traffic and catalog size).



  • Works with your existing email provider. Our recommendation widget works with any email provider that supports custom fields. Now you can continue to manage all your email marketing initiatives in one place and not worry about syncing subscribers.
  • True personalization: Our product recommendation engine understands the preferences and intent of each visitor and shows the most relevant recommendation type and products in real time. Recommendations improve as the engine learns more about each visitor. 
  • Sophistication: Use more than 20 types of product recommendations including those you see on Amazon, such as “What do customers ultimately buy?” and “What customers are buying now?” 
  • Flexible merchant controls: You can override the automated product recommendations and define rules based on your merchandising strategy.   


Used in:

  • your newsletters (email recommendations)
  • your web banners (connected using our DSP BidEngine and AdServer)