Header Bidding Analytics

Being able to analyze, connect, and visualize sales data provides insights no business should go without. Dive into your real-time data with Header bidding analytics dashboard and get meaningful insights into monetization performance with our customizable reports.  

Benefits of Header Bidding Analytics

  • Increase revenue: Add demand to your stack to ensure you are seeing the best CPMs and advertisers bidding on your inventory.
  • Save hours a day on aggregating data from SSPs: Prebid Analytics is a centralized analytics platform for all of your prebid.js demand partners. You don’t have to waste time on merging stats from SSPs. The tool provides you with unified statistics that are easy to compare and understand.
  • Fast implementation: Integrate adxcg analytics in minutes. Literally. Start gaining detailed insights into your header bidding auctions right away.
  • Risk-free: Level up your Prebid with deep analytics and increased demand. Risk-free 
  • Find the optimal mix of SSPs for your traffic: Market Watch feature allows publishers to analyze how major demand partners perform on different programmatic markets around the world. So you can easily find the most optimal mix of SSPs specifically for your traffic.
  • Close to real-time data: Test new bidders, website updates, placements, and more without waiting days for the data to appear.
  • Unique metrics for better performance: Don't miss optimization opportunities with metrics not available in either your SSP dashboard or your ad server.
  • Deep insights - Fully optimize your site and set up with exclusive access to our Prebid Analytics dashboard. Gain visibility into who is bidding, who is winning, and by how much. Improve your site UX by finding the sweet spot for timeouts.


  • Revenue reporting: Our dashboard provides a full view of your header bidding ad revenue across all of your sites, ad formats, partners, and device types in near real-time. This allows you to easily understand where your revenue is coming from and how to optimize your sites.
  • Partner performance insights: Our analytics allow you to deeply understand partner performance and their contribution to your business. Learn which partners are participating, which ones are contributing the highest CPMs, and which ones’ latency may be impacting your UX.
  • Prebid compatible. Works with Google DFP, Iprom AdServer, Smart AdServer



Header Bidding Analytics allows us to gather data on your behalf to evaluate your wrapper's entire performance. You will be able to review the fields below from each of the bidders in your wrapper, meaning you can gain specific insights into how each one is performing and act with confidence to make improvements. This helps you answer questions like 

  • How much revenue do I make each day from each partner?
  • What is the best time-out value to capture the highest revenue?
  • How to make a partner generate more revenue?
  • How does the response time of my partners compare to each other?
  • How are discrepancies affecting my revenue?
  • What are the weakest partners in terms of bid rate?