Monetize your podcast

Unlock the full potential of your podcast and earn revenue on your own terms.


Dynamic & targeted ad insertion: Unique audio ads for each listener can be dynamically inserted in real-time into your episodes as pre-roll, post-roll and even mid-roll.


Benefits for publishers

  • New revenue opportunity
  • High CPM: One of the highest levels of CPM
  • AdBlock free: Audio format is not visible to ad blockers that mean publishers will not lose revenues on every restricted impression.
  • Easy installation: The integration process can be as easy as prefixing your podcast Url
  • Smooth creative rendering. No glitches. Seamless user experience.
  • Turn-key programmatic ads: Monetize without any effort. Take advantage of premium audio ad exchanges with professionally produced and location-targeted spots.
  • Direct ad sales: Harness the power of your existing sales force and inventory to sell and manage advertising directly into your podcast without a middle-man.

Benefits for advertisers:

  • Non-intrusive and Screen-free: Listen to ads while driving by bus, trekking,... Unlike other formats, audio doesn’t depend on size, screen, or picture resolution.
  • Mobile-first: The majority of audio streaming is happening via mobile devices.
  • Native host-read commercials: Monetize without breaking the intimacy and flow of your shows with a script read or ad-libbed endorsement.