Reading email every morning. That's just the same your customers do.


If you have built up a large mailing list over the years and are not including ads in your emails and newsletters, you could be missing out on a lot of money. Going with email ads has a lot of benefits.



  • Your subscribers: The people who have explicitly signed up for your mailing list have already made it clear that they want to hear from you. 
  • Monetize transactional messages: Whenever you make a purchase online, the vendor will almost always send you an email confirming your order or updates on your existing order. There are millions of these routine and seemingly boring emails going out every day. When it comes to online transactions, consumers tend to go over those messages again with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that the purchase is as it should be. At this point, you are reaching someone who is already in a buying mood, so what better time to tempt them with another offer by placing ads in those transactional emails. You just whitelist only your ads.
  • Fraud Safe: 100% Logged-In Audience.
  • Cross-promotion: If you go online to buy a printer for your home or office, chances are that the seller will also try to sell you extra ink cartridges at the point of sale. Try pairing your own items or perhaps add something from your value-added partners that will perfectly complement the products that you are promoting in your email campaign.
  • Ad flexibility: With an email ad server, you have the flexibility to switch between different ads and advertisers so that you can offer your subscribers a deal that best matches the content of your message. This will allow you to create meaningful ads that will truly resonate with your recipients, as well as allowing you to segment and run different campaigns at the same time.
  • Data insights: With your current email set-up, there is probably only so much you can learn from the messages that you deliver. With an email ad server, you will get access to all sorts of valuable data that will clearly show you how specific ads perform. This information will allow you to create even better emails in the future with an even higher conversion rate, which means more money in your pocket.


  • Real-time decisions on opening time and not newsletter sending time
  • Custom matching – upload and target your customer list in privacy-safe environment


What are email ads?

Email ads are paid advertisements or internal promotions you add to your emails/newsletters in order to drive more revenue. They are a way to monetize your subscriber list, in the same way, you may show ads on your site or in your app.

What is an email ad server?

An email ad server is a tool for managing direct-sold and programmatic ads within your emails. Functionalities:

  • The insertion of ads/promoted content into your emails, including direct-sold ads, programmatic ads, and house (internal) ads
  • The storage and management of the ads that'll appear
  • The setting of rules to determine what ads appear where and when (including targeting, pacing, and revenue goals)
  • The selection of the best ad to show using an ad decision engine
  • Campaign tracking and reporting
  • Unlike ESPs, an email ad server has an ad decision engine. The engine ingests business rules defined by the publisher (such as enabling 1st-price auctions to increase CPMs) and advertiser goals (such as $20K spread evenly over a month), and then, out of 100s or even 10000s of ads, it chooses the right one to show in just milliseconds