Transform advertising into personalized storytelling

Each person’s experience is unique, ads should be too. We provide personalized ads for each viewer through our proprietary software that analyzes and reacts to in-depth consumer behavior. Serve smarter, data-driven creative to maximize ROI.

By integrating data, machine learning and automation in the creative process, our Dynamic Creative enables marketers to efficiently deliver more resonant brand experiences in their digital advertising.



  • Personalize ads at scale
  • Increase creative development efficiency: Develop one creative shell per ad size and use our tools to swap out the content that populates the ad on the fly.
  • Increase trafficking efficiency: Traffic a single creative ID per ad size, instead of a creative for each unique creative iteration.
  • Serve the most relevant ad: Use advanced dynamic creative targeting rules to tailor content to the viewer on every single impression.
  • Efficiency: Automatically generate and manage large libraries of creatives.
  • Relevant Messaging: Combine creative and data to tell the most impactful story to each of your customers.
  • Deliver creative that will delight your customers 


  • Customize flexible templates
  • Use data from any datafeed


  • Dynamic digital product banner
  • Dynamic email newsletter banner
  • Dynamic email product recommendation banner
  • Dynamic onShop product recommendations

How it works:

  • Add OnePixel tag to your site to implement data capture
  • Create your product catalog in XML format (Product Data XML Feed)
  • Our platform will automatically create the best product banner based on machine learning
  • Implement RecommendationTag in your eShop / Newsletter / Third party adserver