Built with your clients in mind

Reach the right audience, at scale, for the right price wherever they are in this moment


  • Any type of campaign: Reach, Geo-fencing, Moment based marketing, DOOH, Remarketing (retargeting), CRM remarketing, Ecommerce dynamic creative optimization
  • Advanced targeting: Reach the right audience through real-time contextual targeting, geo-targeting, retargeting, providing your own data, or using our audience targeting solutions.
  • Proprietary Anti-fraud & Viewability algorithms: Robustness against fraud plays an integral role in any viable innovation in online advertising. For over three years, our in-house data scientists have been fine-tuning and improving our anti-fraud and viewability algorithms, filtering out fraudulent and unviewable impressions.
  • Smart Retargeting: Our OnePixel eliminates the tediousness of being forced to place 10 different pixels, instead of allowing you to segment and target users against their activities on the page
  • Brand safety: Brand safety is of the utmost importance. Ensure your brand equity by only targeting on appropriate pages. Go beyond standard whitelisting and blacklisting. By using our proprietary Contextual and KeyWord engine, brands can avoid serving ads on negative keywords or inappropriate websites.




  • Any device type: Desktop, Mobile (Web and In-App), DOOH, Addressable TV, Digital Audio
  • Any media type: Display Ads, Native Ads, Video Ads, Audio Ads, Mobile, and In-App Ads
  • Any bidding mode: Automated Guaranteed, Unreserved Fixed Rate, Invitation-Only Auction, Open Auction
  • Campaign Management UI: Our self-service interface allows advertisers to host, manage and track their advertising campaigns in real-time. We’ve developed a flexible and easy-to-use interface that allows our clients to launch their campaign within minutes while supporting various targeting and optimization strategies. 
  • Campaign creation wizard: We put the power of programmatic bidding directly into the hands of our clients with an intuitive, wizard-driven campaign setup.
  • Massive inventory: Access a vast inventory of billions of ad requests each month across multiple RTB ad exchanges.
  • Inventory: Access to a vast inventory of ad requests, including video, mobile, and native inventory
  • Testing features: Easily change and test different parameters using our 1-click cloning feature.
  • AI / Machine powered: Continuously optimize your campaign


Platform core features:

  • Cross-channel, Cross-device, Cross-Screen for maximum flexibility and reach.
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  • Self-service UI: advanced UI to fully control all your daily operations. 
  • Open API: Our UI is built on top of our open API. Use automation tools to continuously optimize and fetch reports.
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  • Full transparency: Pull granular data for deep-dive performance analytics - opportunities, fill rate, view rate, bid rate, win rate, etc. All stats are available in our reports and can be used to optimize the buying process.
  • Real-time reporting and Dashboards: See trends and KPIs in a dashboard, use reporting to get all key data. 
  • Scheduled reports: Your KPI waiting for you in your morning email. Every day.
  • BigData Framework: Our Big Data Framework enables the real-time collection, processing, and transformation of source data. Processing petabytes of advertising event logs over a distributed cluster facilitates seamless analysis and the ability to quickly build audience segments. 
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  • Running in Cloud, media server Content distribution network - CDN