Programmatic adtech technologies

Cutting-edge technologies for targeted advertising

Programmatic has become a standard of the online media industry.  Real-time bidding allows advertisers to reach the right user, in the right place, at the right time - and assign an individual value to a particular ad impression. Leveraging advanced technology advertisers place bids on reaching specific users dynamically, and on an impression-by-impression basis.  More precise targeting, more conversions, and higher ROI, rather than cheaper impressions are the key. To ensure that the message only reaches the intended recipients, the technologies involved process huge quantities of data from various sources in a hundredth of a second and an auction takes place before each impression. 

ADXCG is the platform that fuels omnichannel programmatic business. Our highly customizable AI-powered programmatic suite empowers agencies, publishers, broadcasters and merchants with essential tools to grow their revenues.


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